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Microsoft Transliteration Utility 1.0

Transliterates characters between multiple languages
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Write with a selected language alphabet as if you were writing in your language and have the characters you're typing be automatically transliterated. Use the command line to transliterate large amounts of data. Works with Roman and Cyrillic symbols.

This free Transliteration Utility developed by Microsoft is a useful small tool designed to help you with character-by-character transliteration problems. Therefore, this is not a translation tool – it will not translate your texts between Romanized- and Cyrillic-based languages, but it will help you to Romanize or Latinize Cyrillic texts and words and vice versa. The program does not provide you with the fonts for all these Cyrillic alphabets, so for this utility to work properly you need to make sure that your system counts with all the necessary fonts.

The program comes with tables for some transliteration pairs, such as Bosnian Cyrillic to Latin, or Hangul to Romanization, Malayalam to Romanization, and even Inuktitut to Romanization, but you are free to create your own transliteration tables as well or edit any of the existing tables. The process is simple – install the new Cyrillic font if it is not yet available in your computer and then open the Development Console. There you can create or modify, on a 'character by character' basis, all the necessary pairs of characters. These tables can be saved, exported, and imported easily, so you can always exchange and share them with other developers.

Finally, this free utility comes with a useful file conversion tool that will transliterate full documents for you using the existing tables. Remember that it will not “translate” the text; it will simply change the characters into their corresponding Latin or Cyrillic pairs.

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  • Allows you to create your own transliteration tables
  • Easy to use


  • You need to have the corresponding fonts installed in your system beforehand
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